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We would like to acquaint you with hous rules so that stay in ou home will me pleasant, while for all other additional information please speak to your host.

Accomodation is available from 14.00 hr on the day arrival until 10.00 on the day of departure

Guests themselves are responsible for personal property and valuables left int he apartments/rooms and the owner is not responsible for the subsequent loss thereof

Guests should behave responsibly int he house and its surrounding areas and they shoud guard against possible accidents and their consequences

Lock the doors to the apartments/rooms from the inside and when going out be sure to lock the doors and windows, close sunshades, switch off the lights and all electrical appalinces(TV, air.conditioning, stove…) and turn off the taps

The owner reserves the right to enter the apartman/room int he absence oft he guests for cleaning and maintenance and to prevent possible damage or other dangers. The owner is obliged to notify the guest about the entry into the apartment/room at the first subsequent contact

Destruction of equipment and furniture, causing disorder od disturbing other guests is prohibited, and it is expressly forbidden to make loud noises in the time between 14-16 hr and from 23 to 8 hr

The contents oft he apartments/rooms may only be used by persons who are registered as guests, however the host may, upon the request of a guest, permit possible visits at certain times

Bringing in weapons, explosive and easily flammable material is not permitted

In the event oft he disappearance or damage to installations, furniture, appliances, equipment, oft he apartments/rooms the guest is obliged to notify the host. Insofar as the disappearance or damage occurred due to the fault oft he guest, the guest is obliged to compensate the corresponding equivalent value

It is forbidden to remove appliances and equipment (towels, covers, etc.) from apartments/rooms

In the event of disregard oft he house rules, the host has the right to refuse further providing services

Handover your identity card or passport to the host immediately upon arrival for registration at the Tourist office

You may offer you comments, suggestions and compliments to your host who is at your disaposal durning worhing hours from 0 to 24 hr.

We wish you a pleasant stay!

Approved by the Tourist Bord of Split-Dalmatia Country

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